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Home Inspection

Make the best decision possible with a thorough home inspection from our team of experienced and licensed home inspectors. 

4-Point Inspection

A four point home inspection can make the difference between saving a little on home insurance policies and thousands. 

Wind Mitigation

We provide specialized wind mitigation reports to help Central Florida homeowners save big on their insurance premiums. 

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection is the process of identifying the location and extent of the mold growing within a home or office and the moisture source that is supporting the mold growth.. 

Wood Destroying Organisms

This is one very important inspection that I highly recommend every home Buyer has performed. I will inspect and probe all visible areas of the home for Termites, Powder Post Beetles and Carpenter Ants.


Additional Home Inspections


After purchasing a new home, your property will be guaranteed for up to 1 year. Before the end of the first year, typically during the 11th month of your 1-year Builder Warranty, you should hire an inspector to conduct a pre-warranty expiration inspection to evaluate the overall condition of your property. Similar to a routine home pre-purchase inspection, a pre-warranty inspection will cover all areas of your home including foundation, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, and the roof. Pre-warranty expiration inspections give homeowners peace of mind by verifying that the property they live in is safe.

If you are experiencing problems during your first year of residence at your new home, you should start compiling a list of problem areas so the inspector can spend extra time evaluating them. Once the inspector has thoroughly completed the inspection, you will be completed with a detailed report that you can give to your home builder to repair.


New Construction inspections are usually performed immediately after your new home has been built and is considered "ready" for occupancy by the builder and appropriate legal authorities (such as a zoning or code inspector). I will perform a complete inspection of the new home and components. Even though the components are brand new, my inspection procedures are the same as they are in the older homes. It will include evaluating more than 400 items throughout the home. It normally takes me approximately 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours to complete this inspection, depending on the size of the home and the builder’s workmanship. I will then produce your inspection report on-site which will contain all the detailed information about your prospective home.

There are 3 very important phases of home construction that need to be thoroughly inspected. The first phase is the foundation inspection. This is the very base that your house is built on. If there are issues relating to your foundation, your home’s structural integrity will be compromised and will cost thousands of dollars if you find defects at a later date. The second phase is the pre-drywall inspection. This allows the inspection of everything that will soon be hidden by the walls and ceiling finishes. You want this inspected now, because any issues in these walls that is discovered later, will require the walls to be removed. The third and final inspection is performed when the home is complete. My complete and detailed new construction inspection will provide an unbiased professional opinion of defects that should be corrected by the builder. Costs for these particular inspections will vary according to the number of visits, so please call for pricing. All reports are completed after each phase and will be handed to you the same day of each phase inspection.


A pre-listing inspection is typically performed before a house is listed on the market. This allows buyers to see the condition of the property so they can make price negotiations accordingly. When the seller is completely honest with the buyer about the overall condition of the home, uncertainty about negotiations or offers is eliminated.

3 reasons you should get a pre-listing inspection:

  • Increase the Home’s Value — If there are damages that can be easily fixed to increase the overall value of the home, a pre-listing inspection will be able to determine this. Sometimes a pre-listing inspection will reveal that your home is in better overall condition than you thought. You could increase the total selling price, resulting in more profit made. Buyers are also less likely to negotiate with you if they feel your home is worth it’s listing price.

  • Faster Selling Process — When a pre-listing inspection is performed, the buyer usually does not feel inclined to get a pre-purchase inspection. With peace of mind knowing the overall condition of the property, the buyer will be more likely to make an offer sooner, speeding up the selling process.

  • Avoid Future Problems — Pre-listing inspections ensure that your property is in great condition, beyond what the buyer can see. When you hire Clear Choice professional inspectors, we take the time to make sure your home is ready to be on the market. Our inspectors will notice any small red flags that a potential buyer might point out. This helps to avoid future problems during home tours.


Before deciding to purchase an investment property, call Clear Choice Home Inspection Service to get your investment property or multi-unit housing thoroughly inspected. Investment property inspections can help uncover any unseen problems that might not be noticed during a home tour. Our inspectors will inspect your roof, attic, foundation, heating and air conditioning unit, internal electrical wiring, and more. Unless you are an expert in flawed foundation or electrical issues, it might be hard to detect these types of issues in an investment property.

Investment property owners might be desperate to sell their properties and hide certain foundation, structural, electrical, or plumbing issues from the potential buyer in hopes of them not hiring an inspector. In other circumstances, long term renters at investment properties often cause property damages and fail to report them to the owner. These property damages are often pushed aside and looked-over, unless detected by a professional inspector.


About Us

Whether buying or selling a home, feel confident with a professional home inspection, 4-point inspection, or wind mitigation report. We provide inspection services for buyers, sellers, and investors, with a guaranteed 24-48hour turnaround time. Avoid costly mistakes with an unbiased evaluation from a professional home inspection company. 

Have peace of mind knowing an experienced home inspector is providing a comprehensive and thorough review. Our family-owned-and-operated business uses the latest tools and technology to assess the condition of your home. What another home inspector might overlook, we find, evaluate, and include in our final report.

We take great pride in the level of detail we put into our Inspections. We follow a very methodical, detailed, proven process that helps us uncover hidden defects. We continually receive comments from Realtors, pest inspectors and seasoned home buyers that we evaluate components that others do not, and that our reports are incredibly detailed. Done correctly, a home inspection is a time consuming, detailed process. We spend the time it takes to thoroughly inspect your next (potential) home.

Our Home Inspection fees are based on the square footage/size of the home . The larger it is, the longer the Home Inspection and report writing process takes . We accept checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

One-Year Home Warranty and Home Maintenance inspection fees are the same as traditional home inspection fees (we follow the same methodical process and provide a complete report as we do with standard home inspections). For Pre-drywall framing home inspections, deduct 30% from standard pricing

Prices for our professional home inspection services start at just $200. Please call (407) 900-8336 for a firm Home Inspection quote or click below. 


Services Offered


Recall Check — A recall check is a service that inspects all your appliances for any recall notices and applies to existing and new appliances that you purchase.

90-Day Warranty — We offer a 90-day warranty on all appliances and heaving and air conditioning units in your property.


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1 year Porch Membership — You will be connected with a network of professionals that can answer your homeowner questions or direct to a certified contractor. A $200 value for free with any inspection!