Mold Inspection


If you have an existing home and smell mold or see certain spots on walls we can help. We can do a partial Mold inspection which focuses on certain areas. We also perform complete Mold Inspections to the entire house, which will involve multiple samples being sent to the our certified laboratory analysis to address areas of concern. We take air samples and/or physical swabs of any suspected area and send the sample(s) to be analyzed by InspectorLab.

First, we pinpoint the problem areas in your home or office. Where is the mold growth? Crawlspace, attic, or hidden in a bathroom wall? All of these are common locations for mold growth.

A particulate counter is used throughout the mold inspection to locate probable areas of growth based on temperature, humidity, and particulate levels.

Second, we determine the cause of the mold growth. Mold requires water to grow; therefore, we look for a source of excessive moisture.

Common sources include: Plumbing leaks, High humidity, Roof leaks, and Window Leaks

Third, We outline our recommendations along with expert advice and consultation specifically tailored to your unique situation. The recommendations will include the cause and origin of the mold growth and outline a sampling plan if necessary to collect samples